“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

One of the many unique things about Grey Muzzle Manor is that there are many ways to help!

We’re So Much More with YOU!

Grey Muzzle Manor does Senior Dog Rescue and Hospice as well as offering Animal Assisted Therapy. We also often provide items, pay for services, etc to families in need that meet certain criteria which will enable them to keep their pets. Therefore, there are lots of ways to help! In order to do what we do, we need YOU!

How to Help Grey Muzzle Manor

Love Shopping on Amazon? Chewy?

Please support us by shopping off our Amazon or Chewy list, where you can find items that will benefit our organization and the animals in our care.

  • Chicken Feed
  • Pine Shavings (for horse stalls)
  • Nutro Brand Dry Dog Food
  • Other Brand Dry Dog Food
  • Wet Dog Food
  • Any Brand Cat Food
  • Tribute Ultra Kalm Horse Feed
  • Clumping Cat Litter
  • Blankets & Towels
  • Swiffer Cleaning Supplies
  • Pelleted Horse Stall Bedding
  • Tractor Supply Gift Cards
  • Reifsnyder's Gift Cards
  • Horse Quality Hay
How to Help Grey Muzzle Manor

Show Your Support by Purchasing Some Awesome Apparel from Grey Muzzle Manor!

One of the many unique things about Grey Muzzle Manor is that there are many ways to help! See below for a list.

But also make sure you get your Grey Muzzle Manor Gear!

And remember, Grey Muzzle Manor is a non-profit organization. All donations are tax exempt.

Please Help Us Heal Others!

There’s so many ways for you to help our cause!


Become a monthly sponsor and you’ll receive:

  • Photos of your sponsored animal and updates
  • Visits with your sponsored animal
  • A handmade soap of your choice
  • Opportunities to receive free or reduced Grey Muzzle Manor merchandise


You can help with fundraising by:

  • Host your own fundraiser to raise money for Grey Muzzle Manor
  • Volunteer to assist at Grey Muzzle Manor events
  • Donate a venue
  • Donating services, etc for events
  • Help promote our events
  • Volunteer on a committee


We have volunteer opportunities on a case by case basis. You can volunteer in a variety of ways:

  • Debris removal
  • Painting
  • Structure repair
  • Property maintenance
  • Help at events
  • Volunteer services

*Grey Muzzle Manor is also an approved community service site for adult and juvenile probation.*

Donate Funds

There are a few ways to donate. You can donate funds in the following ways:

  • Directly to our vet accounts
  • Directly to our account at Oley Valley Feed
  • Mail to:
    Grey Muzzle Manor
    1164 Blattadahl Road
    Mohrsville, PA 19541
  • Paypal to: Marcyb411@hotmail.com
Grey Muzzle Manor

Please Help Us Heal Others.

It takes more than time to help others through the miracle of animal therapy.

Grey Muzzle Manor provides medical care, hospice care, euthanasia, adoption, foster care, and long-term foster care for all animals. Please find it in your hearts to help our cause and donate what you can today!

Grey Muzzle Manor is registered as a non-profit charitable organization. Donations are tax-exempt.

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