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Grey Muzzle Manor offers a treatment modality called Animal Assisted Psychotherapy, an experiential form of psychotherapy where animals are involved in the sessions.

“Experiential” means that you will be involved in hands-on experiences with the horses designed to reflect things going on in your life.

The process is not always about interacting with the treatment team, but that will so. It is about providing you the opportunity to experience, explore, problem-solve, discover, be creative, gain insight, and experience practical applications of what you are learning in the moment. The process is about “doing” along with the “talking.”

Why Animals?

This unique form of therapy can be beneficial for a variety of issues. The interactions between you and the animal are the essence that enables you to begin to develop awareness and coping mechanisms, helping you begin to take control of your life. We believe people have the internal power and strength to attain a positive lifestyle. Our animals enable you not only to find this strength but also to harness it and move forward. 

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Why Horses?

We choose to use horses in this work for several reasons, primarily due to their nature as social and prey animals. As a result of this nature, they have an extraordinary ability to read our nonverbal communication – picking up on messages we are sending, which we are not always conscious we are doing. With this, they start responding to us in familiar ways reminding us of other people and things in our life. Through this, they become metaphors providing us the opportunity to work on ourselves in relation to those aspects of our lives.

Horses do not know our past, education, gender, race or other labels we may apply to ourselves and each other. They are in the moment and can be a part of this relationship without the biases we humans put on each other.

How Can I Learn More?

Grey Muzzle Manor offers counseling services, group therapy, support groups, and corporate training. Our therapists all offer a free, 30-minute, consult to learn more about what we do.

Please contact us at (484) 202-3882 or email through the contact page.

Meet Our Therapists

Marcy Tocker | Grey Muzzle Manor

Marcy Tocker, MA, NCC

Stephanie Smith | Grey Muzzle Manor

Stephanie Smith, MA, NCC, LPC

Michelle Hudasko | Grey Muzzle Manor

Michelle Hudasko MA, NCC

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