Community Outreach

Grey Muzzle Manor assists in providing necessary services for families in an attempt to keep senior animals out of the shelter system.

We truly believe that the majority of individuals do not have to have to re-home their pets.

However, life takes many crazy twists and turns and many of us may find ourselves having to make decisions we never thought we’d have to or in situations, we could have never foreseen. Grey Muzzle Manor believes pets belong with their families if possible and if we can provide support to make this a possibility, we are prepared to do so in order to keep a family intact.

Grey Muzzle Manor has been able to offer financial assistance in various forms in the past, based on the availability of funds, for various procedures including life-saving treatments, surgeries, spay/neuter funding for feral cat colonies, pet deposits, and more. Grey Muzzle Manor can provide other pet necessities to support families including pet food, crates, behavioral assistance/recommendations, senior animal/euthanasia counseling, and various pet supplies. Providing this support to our community is often a determining factor in keeping animals out of the shelter system.

Community outreach efforts with the goal of keeping families intact are made possible by donations and sponsorships. Some of the services are based upon the availability of resources. If you find you are struggling, please reach out and we can work together to come up with a plan in an attempt to keep your pet with you.

Community Outreach
Grey Muzzle Manor

Please Help Us Heal Others.

It takes more than time to help others through the miracle of animal therapy.

Grey Muzzle Manor provides medical care, hospice care, euthanasia, adoption, foster care, and long-term foster care for all animals. Please find it in your hearts to help our cause and donate what you can today!

Grey Muzzle Manor is registered as a non-profit charitable organization. Donations are tax-exempt.

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