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Grey Muzzle Manor Sanctuary, Inc is a nonprofit organization operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to act as a sanctuary for senior animal rescue and hospice care and community outreach programs to help people and pets stay together.

Empowering You to Live Your Best Life

Grey Muzzle Manor Sanctuary, Inc. is based upon a platform of acceptance, non-judgment, and presence. At Grey Muzzle Manor, animals, and people heal together. The outside of the neglected animal often directly represents the inside of the client. They begin to heal together, and as the animal recovers, the client can see themselves in the transformation. These are also attributed as necessary for healing in client-centered therapy and how animals live their lives.

Through these parallels, Marcy continues to grow Grey Muzzle Manor through various programs in hopes that everyone, people and animals, knows that they matter, mean something, and are noticed. In Marcy’s words, she “just wants to change the world.”

Our long-term goal has been to expand equestrian opportunities through natural horsemanship for children and adults utilizing equine-assisted psychotherapy and farm therapy. Grey Muzzle Manor provides a variety of equine and animal-assisted services, including outpatient mental health services, retreats, group training, therapy, and Hippotherapy. This allows individuals to interact with various animals in a therapeutic setting. Grey Muzzle Manor utilizes animal-assisted therapy, eco-therapy, and art therapy as part of mental health treatment. Telehealth options are also available.

Grey Muzzle Manor is also a certified Stable Moments location which is a mentorship program utilizing equine-assisted learning for children who were adopted or in foster care. Most recently, Grey Muzzle Manor launched its newest program, A New Dawn, offering therapeutic riding and Hippotherapy through Natural Horsemanship.

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We are fortunate enough to be able to offer these sessions year-round, utilizing our indoor spaces if necessary. We have 45 acres as our “office” with various “co-therapists” used in session. From practicing traditional equine psychotherapy to working alongside our cows or hiking in the woods – we are fortunate to have multiple options.

Please feel free to ask any questions about how we can support you in your journey.

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It takes more than time to help others through the miracle of animal therapy.

Grey Muzzle Manor provides medical care, hospice care, euthanasia, adoption, foster care, and long-term foster care for all animals. Please find it in your hearts to help our cause and donate what you can today!

Grey Muzzle Manor is registered as a non-profit charitable organization. Donations are tax-exempt.

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