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Hoping to promote a foundation of positivity, self-love, and personal peace in individuals through implementation of animal assisted therapy.

“Oh, but my darling. What if you fly?”

Grey Muzzle Manor Sanctuary, Inc is a nonprofit organization operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to act as a sanctuary for senior animals, provide hospice care and adoption services, and community outreach programs to assist senior pets from entering the shelter system. Grey Muzzle Manor provides animal-assisted therapy, allowing individuals to interact with various animals in a therapeutic setting. Grey Muzzle Manor utilizes animal-assisted therapy, gardening, and art therapy as part of mental health treatment.

How Can Grey Muzzle Manor Help?

Grey Muzzle Manor hopes to promote positivity, self-love, staying present, and personal peace in individuals struggling with various issues through animal-assisted therapy and equine-assisted therapy. This type of therapy is offered to individuals, couples, families, and event corporate groups!


Hippotherapy utilizes evidence-based practice and clinical reasoning to use purposeful movements of the horse to influence and engage sensory, neuromotor, and cognitive systems.

Senior Dog Rescue & Hospice Care

Grey Muzzle Manor provides hospice and foster care for senior animals. These animals would often otherwise be euthanized and are unwanted not only by the public, but other rescues.

SAFER Program

Grey Muzzle Manor provides long-term foster care on a case-by-case basis for individuals seeking safety from domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental health treatment.

Community Outreach

Grey Muzzle Manor assists in providing necessary services for families in attempt to keep senior animals out of the shelter system.

Animal Assisted Psychotherapy

Grey Muzzle Manor provides Animal Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. This unique form of therapy can be beneficial for a variety of issues.

Farm Visits

Are you looking to come to visit our location? We would love to have you! Please schedule a visit first. We are by appointment only.

Grey Muzzle Manor

Please Help Us Heal Others.

It takes more than time to help others through the miracle of animal therapy.

Grey Muzzle Manor provides medical care, hospice care, euthanasia, adoption, foster care, and long-term foster care for all animals. Please find it in your hearts to help our cause and donate what you can today!

Grey Muzzle Manor is registered as a non-profit charitable organization. Donations are tax-exempt.

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